Supporting women
at risk

Our Financial Toolbox Women at Risk team is working to support women facing domestic and family violence and financial abuse. We’re coordinating educational workshops and a web based resource to enable women to transition away from positions of vulnerability, and towards being independent, empowered and financially resilient.

More than 8 out of 10 women who seek support for domestic and family violence¹ have been victims of financial or economic abuse; and a lack of economic security and financial resources are the key reasons women return to abusive relationships².

Financial (or economic) abuse by a partner is particularly malicious as it deliberately sets out to strip a woman of her independence, confidence, and ability to manage her personal financial situation. Many women who find themselves in this situation are either not aware that they are experiencing abuse or they do not have the financial knowledge or confidence to break away.

Given the sensitive and often difficult, even dangerous, circumstances these women find themselves in, traditional financial education delivered in traditional forums is not appropriate.

We are currently:
  • Launching our web based resource of specifically tailored information to help women and their families facing financial or domestic abuse become empowered through better financial knowledge.
  • Developing a series of workshops based on the same information to be delivered in women’s refuges and in the wider community.
We aspire to enable women facing domestic violence to:
  • Feel more in control of their money
  • Learn practical skills to use to build a new life
  • Feel better able to plan ahead and be confident about their futures.

If you would like to find out more, or get involved, please get in touch.

¹ Responding to economic abuse, Social Policy Research Centre document, UNSW that references Evans, 2007; Macdonald, 2012.
² Kim & ; Grey, 2008; Meyer, 2012; Cameron, 2014