Educating women

Financial Toolbox provides affordable financial education to women from different backgrounds, careers and industries, with the aim of empowering women so you can take control of your financial lives, make informed decisions and maximize your situation to reach your financial goals.

Our financial education comes with the benefit of being independent and unbiased as we are not aligned to any financial organisation, and is developed and delivered by women just like you. The format and content of our workshops are flexible and can be tailored to suit women in different industries and circumstances, including women in rural and regional areas.  Our interactive workshops are fun, and can be held at any time, day or venue to suit your organisation, or staff or members’ requirements.

Our workshops aim to teach women to:
  • Get ahead of their finances, take control of spending and saving and avoid common pitfalls so they can be financially independent and in control.
  • Protect themselves from unexpected surprises in life which can have a big impact on personal finances. Learn skills to minimise personal risk and maximise options should something unexpected occur.
Workshop topics include:
  • Money Matters – Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Future Fun – Superannuation and Investment
  • Taxing Times – Personal Taxes
  • Accidents, Illness, and Other Tricky Life Events

If you’d like to partner with Financial Toolbox to run a workshop for your organization or members, please contact us at